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By mchance (370 McR Points) on May 11, 2020

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Definitely one of the gems of Missouri. I'll second the comments about the suburban part of the route from St. Charles to Weldon Springs; the real fun starts west of Weldon Springs (an alternative starting point is the I-64/Hwy 94 interchange). Mostly moderate turns and elevation changes, but be careful: there are a few places on the route where really tight, slow speed turns (marked 10, 15, or 20 MPH) sneak up on you (speed limit is 55 MPH for most of the route). Once you get to Hermann, if you're heading back to the St. Louis area, you can take Hwy 19 north to I-70 (with an option to angle off on Hwy Y east to I-70), take Hwy 94 back east to Hwy B north to I-70, or take either Hwy 19 or Hwy 100 south to I-44 (optionally, Hwy 19 south to US 50 east to I-44).

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