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By Major (38 McR Points) on Mar 21, 2020

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Rode this route in 2010 en route from Ohio to Billings, MT. We came up from Monument Valley through Mexican Hat in July. Actually wasn't too hot this trip. Taking 261 up through the Moki Dugway was a very surprising drive, going North up to the top of that mesa was something else. What a view from the top! We ten proceeded NorthWest to Hanksville, Middle of nowhere but the hotel was nice and the restaurant was okay. Can't recall their names. We then took 24 West to 12 and then South. What a drive these roads are, if you haven't been here you are missing some of the best views of a lifetime. Stayed at Bryce Canyon Lodge and how the stars shine here. It's a certified dark spot, won't see any light spoiling the night sky. We then drove 89, 143, and 14 and 89 South to 9 to Zion NP. The roads and views are fantastic and traffic was light until we got to Zion NP. This was just a small part of a 3 week road trip.

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