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Why do the routes have different colors? The colors are only different so one route can easily be distinguished from another.

Motorcycle Roads in Wisconsin

Wisconsin is a top Midwest state for those looking for scenic motorcycle rides. The western section features the Mississippi River and St. Croix River valleys and the many tributary rivers and streams explaining the predominance of winding roads in this area. The Superior Upland area (below Lake Superior and the border with Michigan) is heavily forested with rolling hills with elevations ranging from about 700 ft to slightly under 2,000 ft. Also within this region is an section called the Driftless Area. This beautiful and unique section of Wisconsin is characterized by jagged & rugged terrain with many cliffs and other rock outcroppings.

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Route 39 - Driftless Region Scenic Ride

This route along Route 39 features some of the most bucolic farm scenery in Wisconsin. The driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin represents a geological area where the glaciers didn't scrape the terrain flat. So the entire ride includes both hig...

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