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By Dia Wolf (4 McR Points) on Apr 22, 2019

Creator : Dia Wolf
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

Took The Trace last Saturday and it was the first weekend in weeks whereas no storms were hitting, meaning the ride was fairly smooth with dry roads. My only issue was that seven years after "bikesand beards" posted their review, the wear and tear from these last few years are showing. Decent route but plenty of rips and potholes closer to the southern portion of the ride. Due to my career, I was looking forward to a more adventurous ride since there were moments of straight a ways that felt like it took forever to pass. Mind the bypass since cars regularly take it, I hate slowing down and took me by surprise since it's a national park and didn't expect a highway. Beautiful route all the way through.

Also if you conceal carry, make sure you pay attention to the signs at the welcome centers.

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