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By rtcoker (180 McR Points) on Jan 26, 2020

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This is some great riding. Usually not many tourists, just locals. Highway 7 over Twin Sisters peak, to Allenspark. Then 72 to Ward, Nederland and then 179 on to Blackhawk. Great run. don't go all the way into Blackhawk, unless you want to gamble. Turn around and take Gap road east back down to pickup 72 near Coal Creek Canyon. Then turn left and take 72 back up top. Then take 119 east to Wheelman (don't go into Boulder unless you want to), and then take 122 back west through Sugarloaf back to Nederland. Go north on 72 to Ward and turn right on Lefthand Canyon Rd. Take it down until you come to James Canyon road. Turn left and take it through Jamestown back up over Bald Mntn to Highway 72 again. From there, your choice. Go back north to Estes Park, or south to Blackhawk. Add any of the above at any segment of your Peak to Peak run to add plenty of joy and grins. Those canyon roads follow rivers and they have been know to flood a time or two so be careful!

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