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By the Brat (2 McR Points) on Feb 27, 2018

Creator : theBrat
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Riding the Dragon was fun, as were some of the other more notable roads in WV, NC and TN. So, my journey in Ohio began at Sykes Ridge Road and Route 7 in Clarington, OH. Headed westerly to Route 536 and turned south and east to Hannibal. Took Route 7 south to Route 255 in Lee Twp. Headed north on 255 to Route 800 and North to Woodsfield. From Woodsfield you can fuel the bike and the bod before taking Route 78 east back to Clarington. I chose to take Route 800 South to Route 7 near the Sistersville Bridge and was glad I did. Keep sharp. Know your Bike. Pay attention. Don't do it after a heavy rain. Enjoy the ride. I surely did...immensely.

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