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By Helixor (4 McR Points) on Sep 19, 2018

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I've done the Million Dollar Hwy ride three times now but only added the 156 loop the last time and it was a great add. The ride between Durengo and Cortez is nothing special so if you're adding this to a route, you can skip that part. I suggest stopping in Silverton to eat at one of a bunch of great choices. But the ride. Well, it's been my favorite road in the US for the last 5 years and I've been to about 42 of our states. My buddies and I typically stay in Durango. I was there just a few months ago, but the Million Dollar Hwy was closed due to a big fire in Silverton. Might go back next month. Whatever you do, find a way to do this loop. If you absolutely must cut some of it out, then the Million Dollar Hwy is the priority

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