Blue Ridge Parkway - By Anthony C

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By Anthony C (8 McR Points) on Oct 21, 2018

Creator : Anthony C
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In mid May of 2017, two other riders Mike and Ed, and I road from Virginia Beach, VA to Floyd, VA. we stayed the night to enjoy the Blue Grass music. And it was good! These groups had it together with the finger picking banjos to the 12 string folk guitarists, they were great to say the least. The next morning we had breakfast, saddled up and headed for Charlottesville, VA on the Blue Ridge Parkway. WOW! It was very beautiful with the ups, downs, lefts, and rights. There was very little traffic and the riding was phenomenal. My spot was bringing up the rear, I would lay back let the two guys a head of me get way ahead. I would bring up the rear following the speed limit of corse, getting into the turns was awesome. The speed limit in most areas was 45 mph, and unless there was a curve with a reduced speed limit sign. I maintained my 45 mph and laid my big ride into the turns and loving every minute of it. WOW what a beautiful road and the cenerary was breath taking. We didn't see much wildlife at all, and I wasn't disappointed with that. In fact I enjoyed that fact because it let me enjoy my ride in every way. We stopped several times at rest areas, we met very nice folks along the way. We even had a quick bite to eat and enjoy the views as we sat at a picnic table. It took us about 3 hours to get to Charlottesville, took another short break. We headed for Interstate 64 East back to Virginia Beach, VA. I had a great weekend with the guys. Thanks for reading, I hope you've enjoyed it.
Anthony C

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