Route 10 Country Tour - By HikerBiker

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By HikerBiker (8 McR Points) on Nov 24, 2018

Creator : HikerBiker
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I started at the west end where US-27 intersects SR-10 in Alexandria. When I made that left turn, the landscape instantly changed from busy commercial strip to mid-century rural, heightening my expectations. The rest of the ride did not disappoint.

The road itself is hundreds of curves punctuated by mostly short straightaways, winding through low-rolling hills. Visibility around curves is generally good, as the landscape is open farm country with few trees. The pavement is mostly in very good condition, though I had to be alert for fields of dried mud scattered by farm machines. I am a fairly new rider, in that novice-gaining-confidence phase, and I found the challenge level perfect for where I am, taking the curves not crazy fast but just with enthusiasm.

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