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By HeadOut (10 McR Points) on Jun 28, 2014

Creator : Steve
Motorcycle Type : Other

I rode this June 24, 2014 for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd times - great ride(s). The road is washed out in the middle, but bikes can get go around one dirt pile and over another - just a few feet of "off road" navigating to get by. The washout means even less traffic than normal, making this a great time to ride it. The pavement is patchy in spots, but that just adds to the fun for me. Some recently tarred patches looked like they might be slippery, but easy to avoid banking too hard into those. Overall one of my favorite rides - I'll be back. Took one large puddle and soaked my legs - could have avoided it by going into the on-coming lane, but wouldn't want to break the rules...

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