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By 999Long Rider (2 McR Points) on Feb 17, 2017

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I have been across SR-36 more times than I can count in the past 40 years. Often on a motorcycle. I love this road. It is much safer than it used to be by far. HOWEVER, it has many obstacles in the form of gravel on blind corners, rocks from slides, oncoming vehicles in your lane around blind corners, big trucks, locals driving fast, etc, etc. S-o-o-o, be very careful. What has become known as the "Rollercoaster" section (named decades ago) starts west of Red Bluff & continues for 20 miles (?) or so. Most of the original roller coaster is gone, replaced by re-routing of the road years ago. BUT, there are several reminders of that road still left. Off camber tight corners, rises that can get you air born by surprise, Hidden corners right after a steep rise & fall. If care is taken, this road is awesome. Here are a few suggestions for first timers- (1) If you can"t see asphalt beyond the rise, SLOW way down, road may turn sharply & force you into oncoming lane or the bank. (2) Watch for hidden gravel around Every blind corner, vehicles dip into inside corners & spray gravel all over, very common. (3) If you don't already, learn to use outside edge of road on left corners (I prefer a late braking style), squaring off @ apex, gives you room & a chance to alter you path as needed when a giant dodge pick-up is in the middle of your road. (4) Right hand blind corners I use late braking/square the corner style, however must be ready to dive to the inside if vehicle in your lane & avoid gravel at the same time. (5) Don't leave red Bluff with out a full tank, Platina not always available, next fuel is Dinsmore. If heading east, fill up in Dinsmore. (6) It can get cold @ higher elevations, even in August. While it will probably be warm that time of year, be prepared anyway. (7) Critters, lots of them any time of year. I think I've hit 1 million squirrels over the years... Avoiding small animals is often a dangerous proposition on a road like this. I've hit a deer, had a few close ones with black bears... Mailboxes = dogs!!! This road has fantastic vistas, incredible elevation changes, corners, a few straights, wonderful river accesses, a few campgrounds, redwoods to almost high desert, old homesteads, farms, ranches & a lot of "way out there"!!! Be careful & enjoy

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