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By NetWatchR (5 McR Points) on Aug 10, 2016

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First, unfortunately, the ride in the description is not the same as what the map shows. The description starts on Clinton Keith, but the map starts further south on De Luz from Guava. for those who don't know the area, if you look at the map were the start shows in Murrieta and follow Washington to the northwest, you'll find Clinton Keith next to the Bear Creek Golf Club just after Washington turns into Palomar.

I ride the route from Clinton Keith practically everyday to work and back. The only difference is that I take S. Mission in Fallbrook all the way to the 76 and then take that directly to work. I have, occasionally, taken Olive Hill Rd to 76, but didn't know I could get to College from there. I'll have to try that the next time I'm not late for work (ha!)

The steep hills were a bit worrisome, at first, and the turns on those hills are off-camber. You shouldn't need too much brake if you just keep it in 2nd, lean back and take it slow.

The Santa Rosa Plateau is quite beautiful, especially on a clear night. Speaking of nights on the Plateau, it can get chilly up there, even in summer, and almost guaranteed to be foggy the last mile before you get to the first steep hill (leaving Murrieta into De Luz)

Have a great ride and be safe.

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