Highway 120 - Tioga Pass Road - By ImpromptuAdventures

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By ImpromptuAdventures (57 McR Points) on Jul 30, 2017

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Motorcycle Type : Enduro

Did this ride from Lee Vining (east to west) today and it was spectacular. When I got home and my wife had already seen the pictures on instragram she insisted we go back next weekend with her on the back. I happily have agreed with her demands.

The elevation changes are many as you hover between 7000-9000 feet nearly reaching 10k at the highest point (9945 ft). The traffic was polite today, and sightseeers often pulled over at convenient times to let me pass and gave a gentle wave. The scenery is, well, it's Yellowstone.

If you don't already own a motorcycle, you should get one to do this ride.

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