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By usagiyo11 (44 McR Points) on Oct 07, 2012

Creator : Usagiyo
Motorcycle Type : Sport

Can't comment on the Southern Route, but I did a dry run of the Northern Route outta Fairmont, WV yesterday in a SUV. Plan on riding it early next year.

Fairly decent pavement. I saw no loose gravel or road fallout whatsoever. Checked out the Covered Bridge in Barrackville and in Hundred. Missed the one in Moundsville.

As far as the motorcycle aspect goes I felt like the "party" really didn't get started until Hundred, WV. So much so that when I do the run I will more than likely just start the route from Moundsville and stop at Hundred and loop back.
Good Scenery, Nice Twisties but very narrow in sections, lots of blind stuff so keep you're head and don't fly faster than your guardian angel or gear will protect ya!

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