Mt. Washington Auto Road - By Jrz_Devil_HD03

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By Jrz_Devil_HD03 (4 McR Points) on Mar 07, 2012

Creator : Jrz_Devil_HD03
Motorcycle Type : Touring

Took this side trip with my daughter as we were running an Iron Butt ride up through the New England States in September 2010. There are no guard rails on most of the road, so I wouldn't suggest relaxing and sightseeing in either direction, up or down the mountain. The hardpack dirt was fine to ride on, until the cages in front of me decided to stop. Restarting on an uphill dirt road with probably a 30-40 ∘ incline is not too fun. Raod narrows a little too much in some spots, requiring vehicles in one direction to turn out so all can get through safely. I'd definitely get back there when I can.

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