Valley Parkway - By Jezebel's Man

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By Jezebel's Man (2 McR Points) on Jan 22, 2019

Creator : Jezebel's Man
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

This is my hood. 30 MPH road and traffic are issues. 90% of the road is B , but gravel can be found from getting spit out of parking areas. When traffic is light can get cruisers and touring bikes up to 45-50 with some nice curves at 35-40. I've seen rockets fly thru curves at 50-55, but always catch up to traffic. City police and Park Rangers patrol it, as they should. This road actually connects all the way to Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Last I took it, roads between Strongsville and Brecksville sucked. Either way, this is a great leisurely ride if that's your desire.

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