Coolidge Dam Run - By Todd TCE

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By Todd TCE (2 McR Points) on Aug 05, 2013

Creator : Todd TCE
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

We took this trip last year on my 1100 Virago. You can actually run the full loop by continuing east on the dam road. It is quite rough and has not been serviced in years however. For those riding more dual purpose machines its not going to be a big deal at all. Like us tho, two up on a bigger machine it's going to be very slow going.

The dam is pretty cool however and worth the ride to check it out. As stated above few seem to know it's here and how important it is. The trip and doubling back should be a quick trip from Globe and easy to do for anyone. The full loop will take significant time and please let someone know where you are going as there are not many homes (some) back in there.

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