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By Helixor (4 McR Points) on Sep 19, 2018

Creator : Helixor
Motorcycle Type : Sport - Touring

Having ridden 35 years and upwards of 46 or so of our states including Hawaii, I don't really see what's that special about the Three Sisters. When you compare it to the rest of the region, it's great, but there is no way this makes my top 10. Not even top 20 in the country. Three of us rode the roads just about 6-months ago. We had good weather and sound machines. I'm not saying the roads are not fun to ride, but they simply don't compare to so many others. I will likely not bother going back unless I'm RIGHT in the region. Maybe I'm spoiled with all these California/Utah/Colorado roads I'm often on. That's just it. A good ride, but nothing special.

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