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By TexasRider (6 McR Points) on Dec 24, 2018

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Uh... where to start... overrated? overhyped? absurdly overhyped? way, way, way overhyped?

I just did this route, and I have to say that each of the three sisters has sections that are outstanding, but ... they're 90% just ugly, flat, plain roads. Each road has one short section where the riding is about as good as it gets in Texas, and you'll know when you're getting to that section because there'll be a sign posted that says something like "warning: 11 motorcyclists killed this year on the next 8 miles" or something like that. So drive carefully, understand that there are deer and mountain goats around there, have fun but don't get killed.

But seriously -- those who are complaining about these roads have a point. It's like going to a two-hour movie and being bored out of your skull for an hour and a half, then there's this one absolutely phenomenal 10-minute scene that you'll be telling your friends about, and then you're bored for the last 20 minutes.

(to be fair though, on each road there's that one 10-minute scene that truly is epically good).

If you want the best scenery and the most smiles per mile, try the 170 between Presidio and Lajitas... that road will blow your mind, and you'll meet God and he'll show you his handiwork. That's a road worth the long drive to get to. The sisters, well, if I lived in Kerrville I'd ride 'em every weekend, but I wouldn't go out of my way to drive any long distance to get to them, they're not worth it overall. Well, I did do it once, because you have to, but I don't see any reason to go out of my way to go back. They're nothing like the Tail of the Dragon, and no, they're not the best roads in Texas, that's either the 170 or Park Road 4.

Some short fun sections mixed in with long, long, long, long boring stretches of nothing. Those fun sections are fun, but their appeal diminishes with how much distance you'd have to travel to get to them. If you travel any long distance (like I did), then ... maximize your investment by finding the good sections and then ride those, then stop, turn around, and ride 'em back, and do that a few times. Don't worry about missing out on all the rest of the Sisters (or that slog on 41 that you have to make to get from one to the other), because there's nothing out there.

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