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By locketine (2 McR Points) on Jul 17, 2016

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Motorcycle Type : Enduro

Lots of beautiful scenery, plenty of twisties and a few straightaways. Most of the turns are moderately tight and the road gets narrow in a couple places but always two lanes.

I've ridden this route twice now and never seen police but don't go crazy because there can be rocks and while most of the road is in really good condition there are some spots that will unseat you if you're pushing it really hard. After you cross the river and go through one of the only hair-pin turns the road becomes unpredictable and rough for about 5 miles. There also seems to be persistent wet patches no matter how hot it is. If it's a nice weekend there will also be intermittent and sometimes unpredictable traffic as there's free camping alongside the road in certain spots (you'll see a sign in this area) and plenty of campgrounds as well.

I actually had a breakdown last time I road this and discovered that I had to have my bike towed all the way to Salem to find a repair shop. While riding back the two truck driver told me he's seen plenty of dead motorcyclists on this route so please be careful guys. Also, riding north is more dangerous due to falling rocks so I suggest always starting on the north end and riding south.

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