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By Guest (22 McR Points) on Jun 03, 2010

Creator : Thomas Heinrich
Motorcycle Type : Sport

This is a solid and fun ride. To get there from any point east (Millburn., Springfield, etc.) take the 78 to Clinton and go north or south, (avoid 24/510 via Morristown at all cost, traffic is bad there and signage truly awful--if your sense of direction is as bad as mine, you will find yourself in some really weird neighborhoods in Mo-town). Once you're on the 513, it's just a blast, lots of twisties, scenery great, road in good condition. In a slight variation of the route from Chester to Frenchtown described above, I took the 615 south from Pittstown, which has even less traffic. From 615 take a right on Route 12 and hook back into 513. Loved it.

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