Tunnel of Trees Road - By The old guy

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By The old guy (2 McR Points) on Jan 26, 2019

Creator : Steve Kohrt
Motorcycle Type : Touring

We came upon this road as planned starting on the northern end. There is a house sitting on the right hand side of the roar right before you make a rt turn onto the Tunnel of trees. The house has 4 pillars that support the roof of the porch. The bottom of the pillars are cobblestone. We made the rt turn and slowly meandered along. It wasn't long before we had to take our sunglasses off The trees block the sun. Saw a lot of harbors where sailboats were moored and million dollar homes. A very relaxing ride. We have ridden this road twice in our biking travels. The first time I was 54, the second time was 58. I am now 69. We love the scenery slowly winding travel just gliding along. Enjoy the ride.

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