The Devil's Tail - By mongovb

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By mongovb (2 McR Points) on Jul 24, 2014

Creator : Mongovb
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We camped in Joseph OR and rode over to Oxbow on NF-39. That road is approximately 54 miles long and takes approximately 2 1/2 hours due to all the corners. The road has gravel in patches on the last 13 miles or so on the Oxbow side and occasional gravel in the corners so be careful. Every gravel patch had breaking bumps on them. Going back the other way, I almost went down when my front and back tire decided to use different sides of the rut I was trying to avoid. Thank god for a little luck and my training feet lol. We ran that road twice in the same day and it was the shorter alternative to going around through Baker back to Joseph.

As for Scotty's, it was a life saver in the 102 degree heat and Diane(?) was already filling up 32oz cups of ice water for us. She was a character. The tail itself had lots of tar snakes/patches so be careful when its hot. As for gas, Scotty's does not have gas anymore so if you don't have at least 100 miles in your tank, turn around and go to Halfway and top off. There is only one station in Halfway that has premium. Its a co op when you come into town, turn left and its about a quarter mile down. All in all it was a great experience, but, I do not see myself going back. Another check on the bucket list.

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