The Lolo Pass - By bobbyrh

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By bobbyrh (2 McR Points) on Jul 29, 2016

Creator : Bobbyrh
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This ride is awesome and why it took so long to do it is beyond me. We had been planning this since Easter and actually pulled it off. We started off planning with five and ended up with five doing the ride. We live in SW Idaho and made this a two day ride but after getting into Montana we realized our mistake we needed another day to do some riding in that area it really is Gods country. We didn't have a real plan just a direction and a couple of days, my wife said "free spirits", that was code for something else I won't repeat. Anyway if you get the chance do it, great ride, awesome country, and super people along the way. We spent the night at LoLo Hot Springs camp ground, bar and grill across the street, the hot springs are open pretty late and they have showers at the camp ground. Motorcycle friendly, wake up and hit the road and see some wild life. Do it now not later.

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