The Lolo Pass - By nate6966

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By nate6966 (14 McR Points) on Jul 06, 2017

Creator : nate6966
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This is on my annual list of rides! Where else can you see DOT roadside signs that say "Winding Road Next 99 Miles"!?! Not only will you enjoy carving these mountains with your motorcycle, but the views are tremendous! I've seen wildlife and I always enjoy the river and mountain views.
Every little town I pass through, whether it's Orofino, Kooskia, or Lolo, is extremely welcoming to motorcyclists and I've found excellent food at every stop!
If you're riding on a particularly hot day, be sure to stop basically anywhere to slip down to the river and dip your feet in the crystal clear mountain water!
DON'T forget your camera or GoPro!

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