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By GJRonK (2268 McR Points) on Aug 09, 2019

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Walden Loop-CO

While this route covers a lot of distance, there are three different areas. The most troublesome is the trek between Loveland and Ft. Collins which is constant traffic taking a lot of time. You might want to try taking I-25 between them to save time and hassle.

The two areas very similar in all aspects are the Poudre and Big Thompson Canyons routes. Both are fun on bikes, curvy and with beautiful scenery. Both have approaches on their west sides that is also curvy but travel through typical Colorado forest with conifers, aspen, and open grassy meadows. The big difference in the two are while Ft. Collins to Walden has all the scenery, it has almost no traffic. The route from Granby to Loveland through RMNP has above tree line views (not for the faint of heart on a bike) and tons of tourists. Expect to do a lot of stopping here.

The third different leg is from Walden to Granby. The northern 30 miles is open ranch land with views of miles to the surrounding mountains. The southern 30 miles is hilly, curvy and full forest and quite green. I saw two moose right by the road along here last trip. I'll post a photo.

By the way, this is one of the more spectacular routes in Colorado.

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