Coronado Trail - By Beemer for life

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By Beemer for life (2 McR Points) on Mar 25, 2018

Creator : Beemer for Life
Motorcycle Type : Enduro

I have >200,000 miles under my tires and this is the most challenging paved ride I've ever done. I've done the "Tail of the Dragon" and thought it was a joke. Unlike that kiddie ride, this route is 100 miles (vs 11) of first-gear hairpins, mid-gear sweepers, and top-gear straightaways. There are any number of tight off-camber and decreasing radius curves. (As opposed to the stupid "Tail" that is all nice well cambered sweepers. Stack it on that road, and you deserve the tree of shame.)

There are also plenty of places where, if you leave the road you won't stop for several hundred feet down wooded hillside. It is unpatrolled on weekends and in weather. There are no services between Morenci and Hannigan's Meadow, and nothing resembling EMT's between Morenci and Alpine. Stack it and you will wait hours for help.

When combined with a loop through Mule Creek NM and US180. This is an excellent all-day romp.

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