Coronado Trail - By Motohead71

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By Motohead71 (2 McR Points) on Sep 25, 2018

Creator : Motohead71
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser

This road has some amazing twisties! I did this as part of a 1400 mile loop out of Lubbock, TX . Just out of Morenci, there was a detour, and sketchy road conditions at best. A couple of miles in, it turned into the best set of curves I've ever been on. I found myself wising I had brought a sport bike. Watch out for the wildlife! I came out of a corner, and found myself face to face with a big horn sheep. Closer to Morenci, it was wonderfully tight and technical, but opened up into really neat sweepers towards Alpine. The Bear Wallow in Alpine had great food with friendly staff. Overall it was a great road with lots of pretty country, next to no traffic, and plenty of places to drag the pegs.

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