Coronado Trail - By RoadKingRandy

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By RoadKingRandy (14 McR Points) on May 01, 2019

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No need to repeat the comments on what this road is like - lots of curves, no guardrails, steep drop offs - not for the skittish, heh. Just an update on current road quality - lots of loose gravel on the road right now in sections, not enough to make the bike slip on turns, but enough to make you pucker and slow down a bit. Did see some cows on the berm and some mule deer so watch for critters. The bridge just north of Morenci was closed for a month or so in March 2019, but it's open now. The road closer to the mine in in great shape. Stay at the Hannagan Meadow Lodge - nice historic inn with cabins also - they serve breakfast , lunch and dinner.

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