Highway 120 - Tioga Pass Road - By David_Harleyson

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By David_Harleyson (54 McR Points) on Jun 30, 2021

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An early start from Mammoth Lakes since we had a lot of ground to cover to get to Folsom for the night. North on US 395 to SR 120 west over the Tioga Pass; a drive thru Yosemite Valley and back out to SR 120 all the way down to Chinese Camp where we picked up SR 49 all the way up north to SR 16 split and headed over to Folsom for the night. Late lunched Renegade Winery in Mokelumne Hill, there was a band out on the patio and some great home-grown wine that hit the spot. So many places to stop and enjoy, but we were on such a compressed schedule we missed out on so many stop possibilities. The views over Tioga Pass are simply amazing, I could do that ride every day and never tire of it. Certainly, you would try and hit it during a weekday and off-peak season as it does attract quite a crowd. There’s also a very nice section of twisty’s starting at Priest dropping you down to the valley floor and SR 49 that was very well paved and not too crowded. Next time we’ll allow more time.

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