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By icemanhrr (48 McR Points) on Jan 15, 2021

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Did the first half of this ride 20 years ago with my kids in a Chrysler mini van pulling a pop up camper. We kept overheating on the way up the mountain, then lost our brakes coming down the other side. Thank God for truck run away ramps, we spent the next 4 days in a motel in Lovell Wyoming. My wife and I did the second part of the ride on our vacation to Yellowstone. We were avoiding a 10 mile back up in Yellowstone due to construction of the Fishing Bridge. After lunch at a new micro brewery in Cody Wyoming, we happened on the Chief Joseph Scenic Hyw. What a fantastic ride. No traffic, awesome scenery which took us to the North East entrance to Yellowstone, where we saw the largest bison herd that Yellowstone has. What a great trip.

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