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By HavokMega (33 McR Points) on Jan 04, 2021

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I'm a new rider so maybe I'm a little heavy handed on the star rating here. This was also my first major trip so I think it will always be a special route for me. I went out from Bay Park and took the 8 all the way into Pine Valley. I left at 5:00 A.M. So it actually was sunrise once I got up there. My fingers were frozen together and I couldn't feel my toes but the lookout from Mount Laguna was very much worth it. Lots of fun twisties, and once you go around Lake Cuyamaca, there is a restaurant and general store by the Lake. I stopped for some snacks, really friendly folks up there fishing. It's really like being an a completely different world out there. Makes me think I could give up city life before I remember how severe my burrito addiction is. Anyways, this is a great loop, great scenery and a fairly easy ride for novice riders and I'm sure a fun one for those who are more advanced. I will most certainly be riding this loop again at some point.

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