The 800-250 Loop - By ThomSS

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By ThomSS (3238 McR Points) on Nov 09, 2020

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Nice loop, enjoyed it! 250 along Tappan Lake is an excellent cruiser, has lots of scenery as it sweeps along north side of lake. Several places to stop along 250, rest area on north end has several picnic tables and a shelter house. Tappan Lake Dam is about half mile north of rest area on Eslick Rd. I suggest running a little loop around Tappan Lake. If riding north on 250 go up to Eslick Rd, about half mile past rest area... hang a left, which takes you across dam, in 2 miles at stop sign, hang another left on CR-2/Moravian Trail Rd, ride it 5.5 miles to Deersville (be sure to stop at the General Store, deli, ice cream, food). Continue east out of Deersville another 4 miles back to 250. If riding South, turn right onto CR-55/Deersville Rd and reverse north directions. While OH-800 and US-22 does not have the scenery of 250, it's not bad. 22 has Piedmont Lake & dam on west end, 800 has Clendening Lake dam just south of Tippecanoe. Other good roads in the area. CR-21 (becomes OH-799) south out of Deersville is worth checking out. Pavement is good and enough twists to keep it interesting. The roads in this area are underrated!

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