Northern Route 201 - By Penny Peel

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By Penny Peel (50 McR Points) on Sep 07, 2020

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Took this ride while staying Bar Harbor for the week. 201 can be a little rough, but it is worth the ride. Twists, turns, sweeping curves, mountains, rivers, lakes you will see it all. The scenery should score a 10. We stopped in Jackman for lunch at Mama Bear Cafe. Great little diner for lunch. Local hangout. Full bar. Coming back we took Rt 15 . WOW.....WHAT A RIDE. The road definitly needed some work. Lots of bumps, humps and a little of everything else. If you don't think a Can Am Spyder can get airborne.....well one did on this stretch of road. Just take your time. This stretch is only about 15-20 miles. The scenery is really nice as you wind down the mountain next to the lake.

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