The Klickitat Loop - By In_Transit89

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By In_Transit89 (5 McR Points) on Jun 23, 2020

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This ride is a gem. There are some short sections of rough pavement on BZ Glenwood Hwy, but overall the road quality is excellent. The scenery is quite varied and gorgeous the whole ride. There are excellent views the Columbia River and Mt. Hood from SR-14, and Mt. Jefferson from Glenwood. The standouts of the ride for me are the climb above the Klickitat River through Sheep Canyon on Glenwood Hwy, and the descent into the Klickitat River Canyon on Hwy 142. The road follows the river here all the way to the Columbia. Long sweepers and tighter corners are plentiful. The only real letdown of the ride is the very long and straight sections of Glenwood Hwy before you reach sheep canyon. There is minimal traffic, but also minimal roadside amenities once you leave BZ Corner. Fuel up and enjoy the ride! For an excellent detour near the end of the ride, take Klickitat Appleton Rd just south of the town of Klickitat. You'll quickly start climbing above the canyon. Follow this road until you reach Canyon Rd and turn left. You'll go straight for about a mile, then you'll be treated to about 9.5 miles of some of the best technical and twisty roads I've found in the Gorge. When the trees open up, the view of Mt Hood and the Columbia is spectacular. Take a left when you reach Old Hwy 8 and you'll quickly hit SR-14 about 200 ft from 142.

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