Coronado Trail - By 3 BMWs

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By 3 BMWs (32 McR Points) on Jun 11, 2020

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After making it to AZ, I had to ride the Coronado Trail and did so in May of 2020. First, let me clear up some previous comments on this route. There ARE NOT 1200 hairpin turns. (180 degree turns that are shaped like the end of a bobby pin used in women's hair) Maybe 20 but lots of sweepers. The northern route is cool and was devastated by a forest fire in 2010. Temps were in the 70s in the north and we saw 103 in Morenci. I rode a BMW K1600GTL with a passenger (both of us 200 pounds). We rode the primary route down and then rode to Three Way then took 78 north to 180 and back to Eager. We spent the night in Eager, rode the trail and returned to our same hotel at the end of the day. Most things were closed due to Covid. Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. The contrast in temps, elevations, landscape, wildlife, the copper mine in Morenci was extraordinary. Traffic was near nothing, meaning some stretches we would go for miles without seeing another vehicle. Gas was not a problem if you start full in Eager and top off in Morenci. Saw eagles, elk, coyote, two dead snakes on the road, wonderful cactus flowers in the south. The copper mine looks like something from star wars with trucks the size of houses and the mine fills your vision from horizon to horizon with beautiful reds/browns. I would absolutely do this route again. It was a full day of riding, but it is the kind of ride you wake up to the next day and ask yourself if it was a dream.

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