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By rtcoker (180 McR Points) on Jan 26, 2020

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I love this road and do it everytime I am anywhere near Colorado. It is lightly traveled and so very enjoyable. Lightly patrolled so even MORE enjoyable. plenty of good sweepers with a few twisties thrown in here and there. Fantastic views valleys, ridges, canyons. creeks rivers, rocks, passes and, well you name it. When at the north end to the Colorado National Monument. When you ride through Gateway stop at the little gas stop and fill up again, becuase its another 50 miles to the next one. Gateway is the home of the founder of the Discovery Channel and his huge ranch. His resort has a car collection in the main building if you stop in there. Once you get to Placerville you have a choice to go visit the wondeful town of Telluride (do it!, Just do it!). it is dead end drive but worth it. Otherwise turn left and head up to Ridgeway so that you can go south on highway 550 the Million Dollar Highway aka the San Juan Skyway, through Ouray to Silverton/Durango. The best riding in Colorado. Seriously.

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