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By connor (5 McR Points) on Jun 29, 2016

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Written Directions

Head west on Hubertus Rd. After crossing 164, there are some sweeping turns and hills. An eventual left on Emerald Dr will extend the rustic route and lead back out the the larger County K road. Taking that north and finishing up the ride at Holy Hill makes for a nice, short loop. This road always has some gravel on it, so use caution. Also, please be respectful and keep the motor noise to a minimum when entering the Basilica grounds.


Very wooded scenery with some open fields finished of with some views of the Basilica on "Holy Hill" (Basillica of the National Shrine of Mary).

Drive Enjoyment

Gravel in spots and blind turns. Use caution. Not a road to set any speed records on.

Tourism Opportunities

No amenities except the Basilica is a place you will want to see/visit.

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