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By crucialkdk (7 McR Points) on Jan 26, 2016

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Written Directions

Start at the intersection of American Legion Rd and US 1 in Stafford, VA. Head northwest on US 1 for about 2 miles and take a left on to Courthouse Rd (Route 630) and head west and eventually northwest for about 4 or so miles and then take a right on to Winding Creak Road and take that till you get to Shelton Shop Rd. Take a left on to Shelton Shop Road (route 648) for about 2 miles until you run into Mountain View Road (still Route 648) where you want to take a left (head south) all the way down as it winds its way down to Centerport Parkway where you want to take a right on to the Pkwy and that will take you to I-95 where you can take that to wherever you need to go or you could continue on to US 1, take a left and do the loop again!


This ride starts out at on Hwy 1 just south of Safford and is very curvacious. The scenery is unbelievable farmland where you'll see some corn fields, forests, ponds, and some horses. There is a small store with no gas.

Drive Enjoyment

This road is 100% paved not too many potholes loads of curves actually I didn't even pass one pothole. but there is some patching that gets a little squirrely but other than this whole ride was awesome. I definitely recommend this if you have a few minutes Well actually more like an hour and give it a shot.

Tourism Opportunities

This ride only has one store that I stopped at and I only stopped at it to see what kind of amenities it did have. There are no gas pumps thus no gas but it did have fishing bait so if you want to go fishing there must be upon somewhere close other net got drinks cold ones ... the cashier dude was real nice ... came outside talk to me for a while. However right across the street was a fire department so that's close you know that you're going to get save pretty quick if you lay down.

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I just can't convey how beautiful this little road is I really can't if you have a few minutes try to take it even in the car.

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