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By trytolookbusy (5 McR Points) on Sep 30, 2012

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Hwy 336, From the town of Ridgeland, SC west through the town of Tillman, SC along the Sandhills to Hwy 119. ...Beautiful road. Thanks.


This is a beautiful two lane example of historic South Carolina from the near coastal small town of Ridgeland, heading west through old plantations and small old south towns then opening up with much less people, but still lots of history if you look very closely. The is open from Tillman to hwy 119 with very few cars and it allows one to open up the bike and enjoy the flashes of light from the tree canopy above as you pass over sand hills formed millions of years ago by the great Savannah River! Turn left at hwy 119 to see the river in all it's glory, or turn right and do aother great road by turning left at the town of Garnet, SC.

Drive Enjoyment

Nice pavement and a few turns! It can be hard to find a good twisty in the low country, but this road will not let you down!

Tourism Opportunities

Lots to see, nothing to stop at.

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