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By koopatroopa (10 McR Points) on May 15, 2019

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Written Directions

Starts in Gaston, then goes north on Route 47 until you get to SW Scoggins Valley Road where you want to take a left (west) and head towards the lake. At some point the road changes names to SW West Shore Road and continues around the lake until it runs back into the same SW Scoggins Valley Road you came in on.


A nice ride around Hagg Lake with plenty of pullouts and good viewpoints on top of hills.

Drive Enjoyment

Overall great asphalt and sweeping sections with some small bridges to slow down on. The north side is faster turns and the south side is a little more technical!

Tourism Opportunities

Really not much on this route other than some bathroom stops and a small snack shack at the Henry Hagg County Park; however there are lots of pullouts for great views of the lake.

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