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By Romantic Mountain Cabin (5 McR Points) on Jan 11, 2015

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April 15, 2020
real good ride watch for Bison , Elk ,Longhorn ,…

Written Directions

Off I-44 near Lawton, OK take Hwy 49 into the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge where herds of Buffalo, Elk and Texas Longhorn cattle play! This ride takes you through the Wichita Mountain Range on nicely paved roads with very little traffic. You can also follow signs for riding up Mt. Scott - the third highest point in Oklahoma overlooking Ft. Sill. Just off Hwy 49 is also the charming, historic town of Medicine Park with lots of restaurants, art galleries, shops and cabins for overnight lodging. Often they have a live outdoor band and "Americana" weekend festivals. They have a great bike store called "Chaps My A--". Once inside the Wildlife Refuge there are many scenic turnouts and picnic tables. If you follow the signs for Meers you can eat a famous Meers burger in Meers, OK. Hwy 49 and Hwy 58 meet in Meers right at the only restaurant in town. Burgers the size of a 8" pie pan and great desserts! If you head out of Meers on Hwy 58 (which dead-ends at the restaurant) it will take you back to Hwy 49 close to I-44. There are sonic, Burger King, and Subway restaurants there as well as a Loves gas station. While on Hwy 58, you may want to eat at Tami's - a great local spot for breakfast and home cooking! Ann's on Hwy 58 has a great chicken-fried steak - be sure you order the Large so you get the hand-breaded one. In Medicine Park, the General Store has the best peanut brittle you've ever tasted and is right across from the Old Plantation historic Restaurant. Medicine Park opened as Oklahoma's first resort community and was visited by hollywood stars like John Wayne. It was also home to many notorious criminals including Bonnie & Clyde and Al Capone. There are tunnels and secret rooms under many of the buildings to hide/transport outlaws and liquor during prohibition. There are lots of nice cabins for overnight lodging. We own the Romantic Mountain Cabin perched on Mt. Dunbar just 3 blocks from the Old Plantation. We are the largest and most luxurious place to stay and we have a large private parking area. We are the only place with a King-sized bed and that accepts nightly rentals. We have two fireplaces, tub for two, charcoal grill, full kitchen, secure free wifi, flat screen cable TV, marble shower, and ample room for your gear inside the cabin. You can book online at RomanticMountainCabin.com.


This route covers Mt. Scott, the 3rd highest point in Oklahoma, Ft. Sill with its tours and museums, the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge- home to herds of Buffalo, Elk, and longhorn Cattle. You will also experience historic Medicine Park, OK and Meers, Ok. You will see the full-size buildings at Holy City that look like Jerusalem - the largest and longest running outdoor Easter pageant is held here annually! It also includes venues of Lake Latonka, Gondola Lake, Lake Elmer Thomas, and historic markers.

Drive Enjoyment

The pavement is very good - very few potholes, and is mostly a gentle incline and decline through the Wichita Mountain valleys. Mt. Scott is a steep drive on concrete. Very lithe traffic on this route.

Tourism Opportunities

Medicine Park is a quaint town where most buildings are made of native cobblestones - charming! There is lots of history here and supposedly many buried treasures still not found from the gangsters that lived here. There are several restaurants including Mrs. Chadwicks Bakery, Riverside, Old Plantation, Meers, and Tami's.

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April 15, 2020
200 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Touring
real good ride watch for Bison , Elk ,Longhorn ,and Deer make sure you eat at Meer's
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