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By Btrfly2023 (7 McR Points) on Aug 23, 2018

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Written Directions

From Rogers City.take route 68 west for 12 miles and as 68 starts to turn south, look for the turn off to the right on to Ocqueoc Falls Highway. Turn right on to that road and the parking lot for the trail to the falls will be on the right.


The 12 miles to get there are basically trees with a few open views into some farming areas. The waterfall at the end is very much worth the ride! You can wade in the falls... Great break, especially if you pick up lunch before hand...port a johns and picnic tables are available.

Drive Enjoyment

Freshly paved.. No stop signs .. it is a straight shot!

Tourism Opportunities

No food available once you turn off of M23,,,, Nothing but trees,, destination is worth the trip. Stretch your legs, wade in the falls, washroom break.

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