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By Pointer103 (7 McR Points) on Dec 18, 2017

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Written Directions

Lease Farmington Center on Rt 27, follow thru Kingfield to Stratton, take a left onto Rt 16 south/west to Rangeley, taking a left onto Rt 4 following back to Farmington.


The ride up from Farmington is nice, but from Kingfield on it's wonderful. A few miles out of Kingfield look for signs to Ira Mountain on the right. There is a single lane bridge to cross the Carrabassett River. This is an overlook that has a commanding view of the Carrabassett Valley, $5/bike, $10/car. After that you can stop and check out the views at Sugarloaf Mountain. The next stop has to be Quill Hill. 11 miles out of Stratton look for the signs for the road which is on the left. Again $5/bike, $10/car. It's a 4 mile in on dirt roads, but well worth the trip, 360 deg view of mountains from the top of a 2600 ft hill! Bring a picnic, as tables are available. Rangeley has many restaurants to offer. Going out of town there is a overlook of the lake, then the last stop is Smalls Falls, 11 miles out of town. Bring your swim trunks and jump from the cliffs like the local kids! It's a nice picnicking area that many locals visit often. Follow Rt 4 back to Farmington.

Drive Enjoyment

The road to Stratton is mostly 5 star with many curves to have fun on. The Stratton to Rangeley road has it's share of bumps, but nothing that'll shake you teeth loose on. the ride out of Rangeley is a lot of fun with great curves and varying pitches.

Tourism Opportunities

What can you say, it's Maine! Bring a fishing pole cause the brooks and streams you'll find are loaded with natives, you'll be spoiled. Plenty of great restaurants all along this route. Many hotels, and fuel can be had in most towns.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

You can skip Rt 27 out of Farmington and follow Rt 4 up to Phillips, then take Rt 142 to Kingfield, picking up Rt 27 there, Rt 142 is a very enjoyable ride with many curves and pitch changes.

No reviews added for this route. Write a review