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By stalls (10 McR Points) on Sep 14, 2017

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November 30, 2021
I ride this route after work to unwind quite a…

Written Directions

Opelousas is the start point: Murphy Gas on Creswell Lane in front of Walmart. Gas up and head down Creswell going East. This easterly route is known as the "Old Port Barre Road." It is Highway 31 that turns into Highway 742. Follow this into Port Barre until you reach Highway 190. Turn right (east) on 190 and turn right (south) on Highway 103. Highway 103 will wind its way around Bayou Teche and is an amazing ride with turns, fields of sugar cane and large oak trees for shade. Highway 103 will turn turn south toward Leonville - you can turn left here and head straight to Leonville OR go straight on "Church Road" which is a very nice, quiet, shaded road that winds around with Bayou Teche (HIGHLY recommended). Take your time and enjoy the view! When you reach Leonville you will merge back into Highway 31 - follow that along the Teche on its north/east side. You'll soon cross the Silver Slipper - a GREAT spot to eat and hang out! Very biker friendly. Keep going south on HIghway 31 into Arnaudville. When you get to the end of 31 take a right on Fuselier Street/Highway 347 (west). Then turn left at the red left and cross over Bayou Fuselier. At the stop sign on the southside of the bayou, take a left and follow Highway 31 along Bayou Teche. Follow 31 all the way into Cecilia. The highway will bring you to just north if I-10/Breaux Bridge. Turn right (west) on D'Augereaux Road. This road is not the best and I suggest taking your time. When you reach the end of the road turn right (north) a the stop sign on to Highway 354. Go north a short distance and then turn left (west) on Highway 98 "Gloria Switch Road." The further west you go on Gloria Switch the more traffic you will begin to encounter. You are now on the north side of Lafayette - Carencro. Lots of places to stop if need be. When you reach Highway 182 turn right (north). Ride this straight through Carencro, Grand Coteau and Sunset. Three great small towns with plenty of local eateries and gas stations. As you leave Carencro the traffic will slacken down considerably. While driving through Grand Coteau you will cross under I-49. As a side note, you can turn south on the Frontage Road and go visit the Biker Barn on the east side of I-49 just a mile or two south of Sunset. Very friendly to bikers. Back to the route, when you reach the stop sign/flashing light past the interstate turn right (north) and ride 182 into Opelousas and it will intersect with the west end of Creswell Lane.


Most of the route is through rural, Cajun Country. The first leg of the ride down the Teche winds around the bayou, has lots of old trees along the route and on the opposite side of the bayou you'll be boarded mostly by sugar cane or soybean fields. The rest of the route you are passing through rural countries with farms and small towns. Gloria Switch Road through Carencro is the most urbanized leg of the ride.

Drive Enjoyment

Most of the roads are of good quality (which is strange in Louisiana!). The road through Port Barre was being redone in September 2017. Highway 182 from Sunset to Opelousas has bumps in the middle of the lane - hug the edges is my suggestion.

Tourism Opportunities

You are in the country but close to everything! In Leonville you have the Sliver Slipper which I highly recommend. In downtown Arnaudville there are several local eateries to choose from; in Carencro I suggest Swanky's Downtown on East Peter Street (you'll past this street heading north on Highway 182). I can't suggest anything in Cecillia because I have never stopped there to eat. In each of the local towns there are gas stations so gas should never be an issue.

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This is a ride you can do in 60-90 minutes. Its a great ride for the local Acadiana area. Want a glimpse into Cajun Country? Take this ride!

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November 30, 2021
10 McR Points
Motorcycle Type : Cruiser
I ride this route after work to unwind quite a bit. Its kind of rough but most roads in Louisiana are.
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