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By keeti668 (8 McR Points) on Dec 03, 2013

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Written Directions

It runs from exit 164 on I-74 near the IN/OH stateline to Indiana Route 50.I275 near the IN/OH/KY state lines.


The route is mostly through relatively flat land with intermittent packs of trees (at least of what I could see as it was really foggy the morning I rode the route). There were a few minor hills but one can maintain a constant speed without any problem. Also, there are not stoplights/sign along the route.

Drive Enjoyment

The few miles just south of I74 are straight and uneventful. But after that, the road becomes curvy and a joy to ride. The curves generally wide and of a constant radius so that one does not have to downshift while going into them and then upshift at the apex. They are also spaced far enough apart so that they a constant speed can be maintained. The road surface is smooth with evidence of recent repaving in various spots.

Tourism Opportunities

It's only 14 miles long, so no consideration for roadside amenities are needed

Motorcycle Road Additional info

This road is a great short cut if you are traveling from Cincinnati to Indy (or vice versa). The posted speed limit is 45 but one can ride at 60 without any problems. It appears that the road is known to truckers as I was behind an 18 wheeler for the ride and observed several semis on the heading south opposite side of the road.

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