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Twisty Road - Next 140 miles!!! (California Route 36)

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By Guest (0 McR Points) on Aug 01, 2007

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June 4, 2010
Just completed Red Bluff to Fortuna on route 36.…
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July 26, 2009
I was just riding 36 and hwy 3 today it's a great…

Written Directions

start in REDBLUFF , CA . hwy 36 , going WEST ,towards FORTUNA ,CA . there will be no mistake you are on the right road when you see the twisty road sign that has " next 140 miles " under the arrow . stay on highway 36 until it ends in FORTUNA , CA . ENJOY AND BE SAFE !!! LITTLE OR NO CELL RECEPTION !!!.


some pretty decent view's from higher elevations , also goes through the redwood forest ... but you won't have much time to take your eyes off the twisties anyway!!!

Drive Enjoyment

most likely the craziest elevation changes you will ever see (in the eastern portion from red bluff ,CA ) . truly resembles a rollercoaster in spots . this road is 140 miles of twisty heaven ,I'm not kidding !! very good road surface ,though it does get a little rough in spots farther west, and the center line briefly disappears for a few miles farther west . lots of places with out guardrails ,and long drops ,so be careful!!! every road will seem very trivial after you ride this. this 140 miles will take around 4 hours to do.

Note: BE SAFE BE SAFE BE SAFE !!!! most roads we travel don't do anything too "weird" . this is the exception .this road ( mainly on the eastern portion ,first 20 or so miles ) will have you going up a hill , making a right at the top ,and before you can even see over the crest , as your still turning right ,the road goes left .serious. after the rollercoaster road has smoothed out, its somewhat readable from there on ,but NEVER predictable !!! i have some pictures on my myspace page ,will try and get some up here too :-)

The perfect road !!! this is just a very small sample very nice turns

Tourism Opportunities

i seem to remember only 2 gas stations ( neither have super fill waaay up in red bluff ) and maybe 3 spots for food . not much out there but crazy fun !!! Another view along the amazing Rt 36

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Twisty Road - Next 140 miles!!! (California Route 36)
Twisty Road - Next 140 miles!!! (California Route 36)
Twisty Road - Next 140 miles!!! (California Route 36)
Twisty Road - Next 140 miles!!! (California Route 36)
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December 3, 2008
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Motorcycle Type : Touring
No doubt about it, the #1 windiest road in California. No other road even comes close! Passengers will enjoy the ride, but be prepared for that 'queezy' feeling you get after 4 solid hours of a rollercoaster ride. BE SAFE. Wildlife is abundant, turkeys, deer, elk and bear. Crazy, crazy road. You will never be so happy to make it to the coast and relax after this one. Do head north and do the Avenue of the Giants afterwards. Nothing like that place.
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