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Molly Stark Trail - Route 9
This roadway runs through terrain ranging from low elevation valleys to hilly and mountainous regions. Spectacular views are available, especially at Hogback Mountain Scenic Lookout that faces south over Southern VT and into the Berkshires of MA. Massachusetts is less than twenty miles away and on a clear day the view is expansive. The Molly Stark Trail (VT Route 9)is one of only a few roadways designated a Scenic Byway by the state of Vermont. During the autumn leaf-peeping season the views are dramatically enhanced but expect slow moving traffic and increased vehicle congestion on the roadway.

Update/Addition from an anonymous visitor: Rt 9 twists through the beautiful green mountains along the way you will crest atop skyline were you have a 100 mile view to the south, moving into historic down town Wilmington then you start up to Searsburg and have views of the summerset reservoir and then you head into historic Bennington.

Photo contributed by visitor in Jun 09 - "Taken in Bennington."

Vermont Covered Bridge Tour - from Brattleboro to New York
Lots of vistas, pretty farms and photo ops. Mountain ranges, rolling hills, forests and valleys. Travels through Green Mountain National Forest. Covered bridge after covered bridge. It almost gets redundant. Lots and lots of cows, and farms.

Green Mountain Spine Waterbury--Killington Loop
This route is a wonderful loop thorough the heart of Vermont's Green Mountains. Along the way you'll be surrounded by trees, glens, small farms and green mountains. This is, truly, the heart of Vermont.

Route 5 Massachusetts to Vermont
This route will take you through the mountains, hills and farm regions of northwestern Masschusets to southern Vermont. Except for a few miles through Brattleboro, VT, the road passes through quintessential New England towns and farm land. Fall foilage shows everything in its best splendor.

Vermont Northeast Kingdom Circuit
The nicest part of this route is is follows along some nice winding rivers and passes some nice lakes. If the weather is nice it's worth striping off the riding gear and taking a dip in one of these lakes. I wear swim trunks under my Kevlar suit just for this purpose. This area is unique to Vermont. It is the most remote part of the state and the roads are not heavily traveled, so you can relax and enjoy the ride and stop to take pictures or have a leisurely lunch. This is actually not a very mountainous route as it mostly follows along the river valleys, but that also makes for some nice twists and turns, but nothing to extreme. You also pass through towns in Vermont that look like a step back in time. I stopped at the Old Home Days festival in Lunenburg for to listen to the music and have some fried dough. The church on the common is no longer in use, but a local group is raising money to restore the historic building and they had a volunteer giving tours. Apparently this is the most photographed church in the United States.

Vermont Route 14
This route has it all - rolling hills, twists, turns and one lane bridges! You want to travel this road for the scenery. The area and buildings make you feel like time has forgotten this area. Fall is especially beautiful, as all the leaves become vibrant reds and yellows and oranges. On more than one occasion you will go through narrow passes, where all you have is a river and two narrow lanes of traffic. I don't think you'll see more than 3/4 mile down the road, but around every turn is another gorgeous sight.

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Vermont (VT) is one of the best motorcycle riding states in all of the northeast United States. It has the building blocks of what most great motorcycle roads include - great scenery combined with access to unique & colloquial roadside amenities. Key scenic features of the state include the Green Mountains in the west and Lake Champlain in the northwest. The state also has a healthy collection of bed & breakfasts, wineries, antique shops and goes out of it's way to welcomes visitors with open arms.

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