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Shawnee National Forest
This area is called the Illinois Ozarks located in the very Southern Part of Illinois between the Mississippi River and Missouri on the West and the Ohio River and Kentucky on the East. The area is very hilly with numerous lakes, bluffs, cypress swamps and caves. There are unlimited scenic views of the area from the hills and cliff tops.

Highway 100; west of Washington
Ride through Missouri's rolling farmland and small country towns along the south side of the Missouri River.

The Jefferson City Sedalia Half Day Loop
This is some of the most beautiful scenery central MO has to offer. Winding roads, fields, trees and the Missouri River are what you have to look forward to. The stretch along the Missouri river will make it all worth while.

St. Louis / Il Bluffs / MO Mining Country Loop
After riding through about 10 miles of industrial wasteland in East St. Louis, Cahokia and Dupo, the route follows the Mississippi River flood plain below the river bluffs from Columbia, IL to Prairie du Rocher, IL. Nice flat road in Illinois with good views of the fertile bottom land. Stop at Ft. Chartres State Park (colonial era restored French/British fort). Great place for a picnic lunch. Continue along the Bluff Road to the Modoc Ferry to Ste. Genevieve, MO. Beautiful rolling hills and gentle curves along Missouri routes 32 and 21, passing through the lead mining region, before returning to St. Louis.

Pack a picnic lunch if you plan to do this trip in one day. Its an all day affair, at least 6 hours.

Missouri Wine Country Tour
This route starts right outside of West St. Louis and takes you through the beautiful Missouri River Valley and into the best wine-country in the Midwest. After the wineries stop near the town of Herman, you can continue on for another 50 or so miles if you like the route's twisty turns and hills (full trip).MotorcycleRoads has designated this route as a "Buried Treasure Route" because of its outstanding balance of scenery, motorcycle-road quality and amenities.

Along this route you will see some of the best scenery that Missouri has to offer. The route hugs the Missouri River and you will view the river at different points along the route. Because of the fertile river valley land, the area is filled with picture perfect farms and wineries. There are also large limestone bluffs that the river runs next to at points giving you some great photo opportunities. These bluffs rise as much as 400 feet above the Missouri River.

Hwy 19 from Hermann to Winona
I doubt you will find better scenery anywhere in Missouri. It's especially great once you get south of Salem and especially in the fall after the leaves change.

Hwy 106 - Ellington to Houston
On this route you will travel through Ozark National Scenic Riverways. The route takes you from Ellington, Mo to Houston, Mo and you should plan on taking a few detours if you would like to see more of the countryside. A trip north on Hwy 19 from Eminence will take you to beautiful Round Spring along the Current River. At Round Spring head back south on Hwy 19 - the views are completely different. On Hwy 106 about 8 miles west of Eminence be sure to take a break at Alley Springs - well worth the stop. In the spring the dogwoodredbud trees bloom profusely; during the summer it is shadycool; in the fall you'll observe leaves of red, gold, orange, and burgundy ... just beautiful. Note: Route 21 is a wonderful motorcycle road as well (you can find route 21 heading north or south out of Ellington). This ride can be done in one day; however you might prefer to make a two day trip in order to make it a leisurely ride. There are many things to see along the way. And many alternate routes - just get out a Missouri map and plot your way - most of the lettered (A,B,C, etc) county roads are excellent motorcycle roads (just be sure to check the map as some of them dead-end).

Southwest Missouri Corner Run - Hwy 90
Good Ozark scenery - bluff overhangs, rivers with rolling hills and hollers.

The "Big MO" River Ride Loop
South side of the River Hwy 224 runs right next to the Missouri River where you'll get some good views of the river flowing. Later the road scenery changes (when you get on Hwy 10 & 210) to mainly farm country and some nice easy riding.

Hwy 21 South to Elephant Rock State Park
Leaving south from St. Louis you quickly hit 2 lane winding road with a relaxed feel. Many turn-offs allow exploring the start of the Missouri ozarks. Elephant Rock State Park and a few miles further Johnsons' Shut-ins State Park are great place to relax and hike or take a dip in the river.

Cascade to Holter Lake along the Missouri River
On this route you'll travel along the Missouri River Valley where the road hugs the river and you get some fantastic views of the rock cliffs and outcroppings that surround the river. It goes from good to great as you make your way into the Holter Lake area and take in this magnificent lake.

Highway 75 Along the Missouri River
Runs along west side of Missouri River. Hills and some great views!

Sturgis Ride - Last Leg (I-90)
Starting at the eastern end of the state you come over the last risen rolling down toward the Missouri River near Ocoama, SD. The terrain changes from lightly rolling hills, to very extended plains for as far as the eye can see. Past Murdo, SD it changes as you enter the Badlands showing you some of the more rocky cliffs off in the distance either side of the road. Sunrise over the Missouri river morning 6th August.

Old School House On The Hill Ride
Beautiful ride through Ozark hill country. Road has nice rhythmic curves that trade from right to left with mild rollercoaster hills. HWY 100 takes the rider through gorgeous rural scenery including lush Tree lined hills with views breaking through of vistas of surrounding hills. There are spectacular views across meadows with rides below rock cliffs and down into Missouri river bottom flats.

Killdeer Mountain Four Bears Scenic Byway
This route takes you through some of the best scenery in western North Dakota. Rolling hills and long climbs near Killdeer give way to rolling hills, the rugged Killdeer Mountains and finally the Badlands. The road twists its way down into the valley, its shoulders falling away sharply into the deep Badlands. The route, Highway 22, crosses Lost Bridge over the Little Missouri River and enters the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation. It continues north through rolling hills, woody draws and onto high plateaus with high buttes on the horizons. The scenery is unbelievable, especially entering and riding through the Badlands. Be sure to stop at the pull-off near lost bridge and look back up the twisting road you just came down. Depending on the sun angle, it makes a great picture.

MO 72
Nice route thru southern Missouri. Sweeping curves, really nice in the fall when the colors change. Well paved, facilities at the start and end, and at Fredricktown.

Highway 34 from Sturgis to the MN border
It is as scenic as South Dakota can get. It has some long sweeping curves when riding along the Missouri River.

K-7 to Rulo
The road starts straight, but turns to curvy, in and out of the hills, and follows the Missouri River.

Missouri HWY 160 from Alton to Donaphin
While the beginning of HWY 160 starts out of Alton fairly mild, the road soon opens upto Missouri farm land and travels thru the southern portion Mark Twain state park, there are scenic views all along the drive. Between the curves and slight elevation changes, the 55mph speed limit is but a suggestion. Most of the curves are marked with suggested speeds between 30-45mph and would prove difficult to maintain the posted speed limit. You'll encounter farm vehicles, transport trucks are few and is widely used by the local residents. Seldom have I've found too much traffic to contend with and is well worth the effort finding and getting to this section of HWY 160. The road is in good shape for the most part but you need to be aware of construction on the side roads. There is a park on the Eleven Point river about halfway between the two towns for a rest or restroom break. Watch out for the wildlife as well as any domestic animals that might venture into the road I've had deer and goats on or in the roadway that'll surpize you coming out of any of the many curves offered. HWY 160 is one of the better roads to ride in my opinion in the state!

Rt 37 - Onawa to Soldier to Dunlop
Onawa is a decent size town just east of the Missouri river. It is flat and boring for the first couple of miles till you reach Turin. Then you will begin to get into the Loess Hills. The road will become winding with lot's of turns. Watch for deer, turkeys and pheasants especially in the early fall months. The next town will be Soldier. Here you will be able to stop for a bite to eat or something to drink at the Midway Tavern. Then continue on 37 thru the winding hills of Iowa. Very pretty ride as you arrive in Dunlap, Iowa. Again several bars to to choose from for your refreshments. ENJOY!

North Columbia Loop
Typical missouri scenery, fields, farmland, some streams, nice sweeping hills

Emmet's lunch ride - AKA Columbia North Loop
State HWY63 North from Columbia, Mo to State HWY124 (~12mi): This super-slab divided 4-lane highway can be very fast, but quickly releases you into the famous lush rolling hills of Missouri. There's a gas-stop north of town, you should consider stopping if you're low on fuel, or need a bathroom. Next fuel is almost 20 miles (Fayette) further along this route. Just past the fuel, you'll find Finger Lakes State Park. You should explore that when you have time. This leg terminates at HWY 124 (W), very near Pinnacles Park. Huers Cafe is there as well...a great little greasy spoon. State HWY124 (W) from ST HWY63 to Harrisburg, Mo (~12mi): This leg is well-kept blacktop (fresh in 2012) that winds its way through heavily wooded areas. Careful of that pair of "S" turns. No biggie, but the inexperienced should obey the speed limit through there. This leg makes the whole ride for many people. While you can head back south on State Route E (more winding fun), I suggest going on into Harrisburg. You can always grab some BBQ there. Don't worry, you can't miss the spot. State HWY124 (W) from Harrisburg to Fayette, Mo (~13mi): This stretch of pavement is also fresh in 2012, and forest has given way to open fields and, not far out of town, you'll cross over the Moniteau River. It's not much of a river really, but marks your entry into Howard County. After another set of lovely "S" turns you'll have a chance to open it up on some straight open stretches. Enjoy the nice set of hills! Before you know it, you're just outside of Fayette. Go on into town - you'll find Emmet's there on the square. My hats off to the chef. State HWY240(E) & State HWY40 from Fayette to Columbia, Mo (~22mi): Take it easy on this high quality asphalt. Just follow the signs back to Columbia and relax. You'll see Agriculture along the way. Do be careful of our friends working in the field. Those tractors could be around any corner! There's a good mix of straight streches, hills, and corners along this route. Even a novice will not have to fall below the speed limit to negotiate this leg. Once on 40, you'll quickly cross back over the Moniteau River (now looking more like a river) into Boone County. A more dramatic bottom land only a few miles from the MIssouri River. You can always pop through Rocheport if you wish. Can you find the old train tunnel through the bluff on the south side of town? Enjoy, and be safe!

Peach Float Cruise
At first you will be cruising through some Missouri farmland, but not for long. Once you get to Hwy U prepare yourself for some great scenery with some great crossings over Harry S. Truman Reservoir. There are many big curves and switchbacks on this cruise.

Brian's Quick Fun Ride
This route will take you through some hills and sweeping curves as you travel through some of Missouri's farm land. You'll leave Sedalia, heading east on Hwy 50. The route will change direction when you intersect Hwy 135 South. Hwy 135 offers good pavement, challenging curves and pleasant scenery. Along this highway you will find lots of cattle as well as other wildlife, to include deer and turkey. Be sure to watch out for the groundhog that resides by the bridge crossing over Flat Creek. When you reach the intersection of Hwy 135 and Hwy M, turn right and head back towards Sedalia. Hwy M has it's share of curves as well and can be challenging to the novice rider. There are a few straight sections that will allow you to roll back on the throttle a bit, but do watch for the curves. Watch for deer all along this route. This trip can be very enjoyable if you are looking for a quick ride, close to home. I run this route on my '95 VT1100, taking my time and stretching it out to about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Be safe and enjoy the ride.

Lonely Short Cut - Missouri J
This rout has a combination of river bottom farmland and hilly forests. It is especially nice in the fall!

Missouri Route 86 - Ride the Eagle
This is Ozark country, lots of trees, rolling hills and banked turns. I think I passed fewer than 10 cars on the stretch in mid October (admittedly a slow time) Beautiful foliage and heavily wooded. I rode this on a return trip from Arkansas' Dragon back towards Kansas City. It is a wonderful twisty, banked, scenic blast of fun. I think I enjoyed this section of road just as much as the Pig Trail and the Arkansas Dragon that I rode the day before.

Bagnell Dam Loop
This route gives the rider a little taste of what the Missouri ozarks has to offer, as we ride into the northeast side of the Lake of the Ozarks. The fun really starts on Hwy W as you leave Versailles. The scenery that Hwy W has to offer is typical of the northern Missouri Ozarks. Here you will find lots of fast hills and tight turns. Respect this road though, some of the turns are quick. Hwy W twists and turns, winding along down to Bagnell Dam Blvd. Bagnell Dam Blvd, crosses over the dam, slow down here so you can get a quick look at the lake. After you cross the dam, you will be able to stop and take a walk along the strip. While you are here be sure to visit the Leather Man store. They have a lot of cool stuff there, and the staff are very friendly. When we visited last, we picked up lunch at Wise Guys sandwich shop. It was a short walk down the hill from the Leather Man shop. When you are ready to move on, just continue on Bagnell Dam Blvd. You will come to Hwy MM. Turn right onto Hwy MM, and cross over the lake. The bridge crossing here is high above the water and presents an impressive view from both sides. Hwy MM winds along, presenting lots of fun curves and great views. Hwy MM will stop at the intersection of Hwy TT. Here you should turn left onto Hwy TT and travel until you reach the intersection of Hwy 5. Hwy TT is a lot like Hwy MM, presenting lots of curves and splendid views. While traveling though the lake area, be very cautious and keep an eye out for traffic. While traveling though here, we had the drivers that pulled out in front of us while coming through the curves. Once you are on Hwy 5 you really have two options to get back to the starting point. Hwy 5 will take you all the way back to Versailles. We chose to take Hwy 135 back to Stover. Hwy 135 has plenty of curves and hills as well. Here you will see lots of fields, cattle and other wildlife. Hwy 135 has a few gravel roads that intersect it, so use caution and anticipate some gravel on the pavement, mostly on the right side of you lane. All in all, I really enjoyed this ride. Drive time is about 3.5 hours, but you could easily make a day of it by spending more time at the lake.

South Dakota Plains Tour
just wide open range land. it made me think about the native americans and early settlers, and what it was like getting across the country. awsome. though it is sad to see how the native americans live in these rural settings. as you start (on the east side of this route) there is nothing but open range. heading toward the town of platte, you see what looks like a mountain. once you start up a hill and crest the top you come to the missouri river, what a great surprise to see among the wide open spaces. there are places to pull over and take it in. farther west if your are a history buff, stop at wounded knee. it was one of my reasons for taking this trip from pa, as will as all the attractions. this road will take you to hot springs, and up to rapid city. it was quite unexpected. and would love to ride the entire road. very little traffic. a lot of small towns along the way for food, gas, and lodging.

Harrison to Berryville - The Long Way Round
The first leg is through the little Ozark town of Denver. The country roads here cut across photogenic farmland and through stands of lush timber, running across beautiful rural Arkansas landscapes. At a place called Farewell, you'll arrive on AR 311 for a winding ride north to Blue Eye. In 2010, Blue Eye was edged out of its distinction as the smallest town in Arkansas by Gilbert on the Buffalo River by a score of 30 to 28 residents. Blue Eye is like Texarkana in that it is split right down the middle by the state line, in this case, Arkansas and Missouri. AR 21 south leads to Berryville, home of the Saunders Memorial Museum, containing a world-class firearms and antiques collection.

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Missouri is full of great motorcycle roads as the state is blessed with rolling/hilly topography & vast stretches of unspoiled scenery resulting in a smorgasbord of winding & rambling country roads for motorcycle riders to choose from. Some of the Midwest's best motorcycle rides are found in The Show Me State when you combine this great scenery with a state that has a healthy supply of tourist pleasing attractions. Attractions such as wineries, camping/hiking, quaint villages featuring antiques and artisan crafts, and world class accommodations in locations such as Branson, Kansas City, and St. Louis.

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