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North Tampa Circuit
On this route you will be taken out into the open country of north Tampa. After just a short distance, you will hardly realize that you are still in Florida. The scenery on this route includes many horse & cattle ranches as well as orange groves. If you take this route in the springtime (March) when the orange blossoms are blooming, you will definitely smell the sweet aroma of oranges wafting from the groves. Florida is not really known for being hilly, but there are a few places along this route that will surprise you with panoramic views of the countryside.

Scenic Inland Ride from Oak Hill to Port Orange Beaches
A nice motorcycle ride featuring in a curvy road through many farm towns with pastures and the like. The southern half of this route specializes in nice rural Florida riding!

Turnbull Bay Loop
This Florida motorcycle ride takes you through some pastures, fields, tree lined stretches of road, and other common Florida scenery. It has a nice inter-coastal ride towards the end of the route.

St Augustine to Guana River State Park
This ocean drive along the northeastern Florida coast offers what many people hope to find in the Sunshine State -- access to unspoiled beaches. The beach is significant not only for its panoramic views of the Atlantic, but also because of its tall barrier dunes, anchored by long-rooted plants and trees. This type of towering dune has largely disappeared from Florida's beaches--flattened for development, or for better ocean views, or by storms. This drive also visits an adjacent manmade lake that offers excellent fishing and picnicking opportunities in a little-known state park that shelters bobcat and osprey. You will pass also pass oceanfront homes built on stilts so floodwater can run underneath. And you'll see Guana Lake which is a manmade impoundment teeming with waterfowl, shorebirds, and wading birds, as well as alligators and otters. In winter up to 4,000 migratory ducks, American coots, common moorhens, and common gallinules blanket the lake. You may even be lucky enough to see visiting white pelicans.

Gulf Coast Cruise
This route takes you from the hilly beginnings of the Appalachian Mountains (in Tallahassee) through dense forests and finally along miles and miles of prime Florida coastland. This Florida route rates second only to the Rte. 1 along the Florida Keys in terms of scenery.

Green Swamp Tour - Northeast of Tampa
A scenic tour of the Green Swamp Preserve and some nice rural roads. Allow two hours for the ride plus gas and food stops. The Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve is an official Florida protected area found in the adjoining corners of three different counties - Sumter, Lake, and Polk. This is a large preserve consisting of 560,000 acres of wetlands, flatlands, and low ridges. Sections of the area are bounded by well defined and visible sandy ridge lines. The rainwater that flows across the surface to help form the headwaters of four major rivers: the Withlacoochee, the Ocklawaha, the Hillsborough and the Peace. The protected status of the area and as well as the nice collection of natural water bodies combine to form a nice quiet & rural feel that motorcycle riders from all around the area ride in to enjoy.

St Augustine to Flagler Florida
This ocean drive along the northeastern Florida coast is what many people think of when they think of the Sunshine State. White sandy beaches, small restaurants, and pubs, a Caribbean laid-back atmosphere.

The Sugarloaf Mountain Ride
The Sugarloaf Mountain Ride is a favorite among central Florida Motorcyclists. With it's hilly inclines, and tight corners, Sugarloaf Mountain offers a dramatic change of landscape from the normally flat terrain of Florida. The trip began as a standard drive out of Orlando, northbound on Florida state road 441. As we distanced ourselves from the city traffic I noticed more people riding motorcycles and exchanging friendly waves. The scenery becomes more wooded and sparsely populated once you get to the northern side of Lake Apopka, but the real ride begins on Old Country Road 561 -which is situated on the western side of the lake. This road and Old Country Road 455 make a nice loop around Sugarloaf Mountain, complete with winding curves and rather steep inclines for Florida. Atop the Mountain you can look to the east and see Lake Apopka, as well as the Orlando skyline on the distant horizon. To see more pictures on this motorcycle ride, see a web page by the contributor (Sam).

Naples to Key West
Don't expect a technical challenge, this ain' t Deals Gap. This ride is about scenery and wildlife. On the plus side, there's lots of opportunity for spirited throttle twisting in reasonable safety on the Tamiami Trail from Naples to Homestead. Watch for gators, snakes, and turtles. From Key Largo to Key West, it's all about the water. Parts of this stretch will take your breath away, and the relaxed pace along the straight road provides ample Zen. Once in Key West, it gets crowded and corny. Check out the southernmost spot in the USA and high-tail it out of there. The return trip is just as nice!

Animal wildlife and an airboat along the route Update contributed by hitekhillbilly (March 2013): Once you meander your way through south Florida traffic, and get into Florida City, its around 20 miles of mangroves, then all the way from Key Largo to Key West, awesome views with the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and the Gulf of Mexico on the other.

Poopy's Triangle
The namesake for this Iowa motorcycle ride is Poopy's Pub and Grub which is touted as "Illinois Biggest Biker Destination." As far as scenery goes, this is by far one of the most scenic routes in Iowa, second to only the great river road! One of the scenic and interesting stops is the town of Sabula Iowa. It holds the distinction of being Iowa's only island city. Shortly after that, you'll swear you were in Florida while crossing into Savanna IL and then you get to cross the old metal grated bridge.

Creole Nature Trail
On this route you will see a wide variety of interesting things such as the Intracoastal Waterway, which is a man made channel that goes all the way from Texas to Florida. The route starts out in flat marshlands. Near Rte. 27 you will see Louisiana oil fields on the western side of the road and the very large Calcasieu Lake on the eastern side. There you will see shrimp boats trying to catch shrimp heading to the Gulf of Mexico. You will pass by three natural wildlife preserves and have ample opportunities to see some of Cajun country wildlife. You will also drive along the coast where Louisiana meets the Gulf. Towards the end of the trip you will be traveling through grasslands and even rice fields.

Daytona to Apopka Lake & Winter Garden
We have no hills in flagler county. The hills down there were a blast to ride. Lots of lakes and oak trees - beautiful sections of rural Florida along this ride! Bring your cameras on this run!

Florida East-coast Manasota Key Road
The road is along the beach in the beginning and throughout it you can see parts of the beach at times. The main section travels through a residential area that has big trees that cover the road which makes for a relaxing ride. You will find many riders out there just having a nice cruise.

Ocala National Forest
A mixture of forest, lakes and wetlands. Mostly undeveloped. This route is popular with local riders particularly Spring and Fall. Notice the old Florida Barge canal beneath the long bridge just north of the national Forest.

Florida, Port Charlotte & North Port hidden cruise.
It's not the best scenery but it's still decent, Toledo Blade Blvd. is kind of open and 4lane, Pancea is the treat of the trip though, it's very open and lots of nice areas out there and couple spots you might want to pull over and just sit for a bit at, where they thought they were going to put in more roads, lots of trees and untouched areas out there. Haberland is through a residential area and is an okay road, it's 2 lane so pass with care.

Von Hoak Loop
For Florida, the hills and turns are great. You ride through pastures that allow you to see for miles on Walter Hunter Road, then down into a shaded gulley that looks like the road will end, but it doesn't. As you ride down Jameson, some of the homes are gorgeous victorian with many acres of land and horses. You'll cross a small bridge with a creek that people fish off of. Good place to stop and take a look around. Excellent sunset ride, especially at Walter Hunter Road.

Casey Key
This is a short route along the beach with amazing houses and scenery. It curves along Florida's West coast

Twisties Through Central Florida Countryside
You will ride by plenty of lakes, through orange groves, you'll see cattle and get some nice views from several of the hills along the route.

Lithia Routes 39 and 37 Loop
Lots of sprawling fields, lakes, and orange orchards. Passes by the Teco plant that is the only one in Florida that has a tower that is called a Gasifier.

Ribs & Coffee in Northwest Oklahoma
If you're crossing northwest Oklahoma, this route is a welcome diversion from the boredom of US 270 and well worth the detour. On the east-west leg, you'll have good undulating road through river valleys and lush farmland. If you pass through Thomas at meal time, stop at Willie's Grill & Diner for some of the best ribs in the state! Willie is an ex-Florida State football player whose Mamma taught him how to cook. He also makes his own BBQ sauce. I've been known to drive and hour and a half each way just to get his ribs and sauce. The north-south HWY 183 leg has a few gentle curves, but is mostly up and down over some hills and ridges that make it seem like you're on top of the world. You also pass right through a huge windmill farm, with some turbines seeming so close that you could touch them, and others appearing as if they are chopping up the road ahead of you. At the north end intersection with HWY 270, is Gore's truck stop. Don't let the truck stop thing fool you! In the west end of the truck stop is Delizioso Bistro & Coffee Bar. Great coffee, pastries, beer, and more. I've had coffee in Portland, Oregon that wasn't this good! Lots of comfortable seating for a break from your bike seat, separate rooms for groups. Gore's also has other food options including a Sonic for those of you who don't drink coffee. And there's a gift & western store.

Dade City to Brooksville
Actual hills with scenic vistas which is a rare thing in Florida. Nice sweeping turns through farms and rural residences.

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The Sunshine State is one of the most popular tourist locations in the world and has an incredible 1,197 miles of shoreline, palm trees, and beaches touching both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Florida's (FL) terrain is generally level and so its motorcycle roads tend to be relatively straight yet there are some good exceptions. Additionally Florida is home to some of the best amusement parks in the world, the beautiful and relaxing Florida Keys, countless quite beach & port towns, and a "fisherman's paradise."

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